Learning the facts of life – Part 4

“It takes a lot to get them right when you’re learning the facts of life.”
– Facts of Life theme song


This is the last bunch of facts before tomorrow’s post on 3/21! I hope you have enjoyed learning about Down syndrome and about Brighton himself!


B (8)44610369_10157933712349358_8905542575755100160_n

Also known as B, B Man, Bug, Bugga, Big Kid, Brights, Baby Boy, My Handsome, and Bubba, which is the one he has recently started calling himself!!



We make the best of each day!!



Brighton is already driving! (Photo is from when he had a cold and needed a little O2)


B (9)45253347_10157951335009358_6032865133028442112_n

Add to this list: Hanging out with cousin Dezi!





We found out about Brighton’s diagnosis when I was about 14 weeks pregnant. To be honest, we were not offered much hope at the time. It made it all very hard to hear. While I was physically in very good shape, the entire pregnancy was very tough for Tim and me emotionally. We were dealing with a diagnosis we didn’t fully understand, we didn’t know where to turn for information, and along with it Brighton had IUGR which caused him to develop at a slower rate than he should have and meant we had to monitor him closely to be sure he was even surviving week to week. Sadly, many women and families do not have good experiences when it comes to how their diagnosis is delivered. Brighton brings so much love and joy to our lives every single day. We are so amazingly lucky to be parents to this beautiful soul, as well as to our two fun, silly, loving and happy girls who love their brother so very much.

You can find my post about my diagnosis story here: All at once, everything is different


B (10)43386611_10157882794894358_108930489569509376_n

45083836_10157951334644358_9182080861221158912_n   45221853_10157951334594358_4677139047980728320_n   45141379_10157951334854358_2301102413290930176_n

If you know anyone who has questions or receives a diagnosis and doesn’t know where to go to learn more, please feel free to reach out to us. Brighton is just beginning an awesome, adventure-filled life, as are our girls Madeline and Marigold. We can wait to see where life takes us all!

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